Artillery/Rockets/Helicopters and Drones.

Many times I'm killed while taking cover inside a building. Not near a window, on the ground floor of a multistory building.

Fine if it was rare, fine if I was near a door/window or open roof, but when you get blown apart and the surroundings stay pristine so often, it gets tedious. Might as well stay outside, it's the same risk.

It's a great game, love it. But this, the respawning of bots right on top of you after you just cleared an area, and the lack of reward for anything but cap rushing takes the edge off it.

@ehwot so true. Its hard to enjoy the game when you're dying from bullshit a lot of the time.

Videos or it didn't happen. I'd be willing to bet you're exposed in some way, or hiding behind a wooden door (that gets blown open when an artillery round, etc hits) I've never had this happen to me and I'm level 70+

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@amurka so the one I posted about is Hideout Point F as Security. There's been 2 times now in coop when insurgent bots called in bomber drones one time and mortars another when my team was defending. The whole team was on the second floor under the roof, yet when the fire support arrived it killed everyone upstairs. The bomber drone one was especially shookening as it just wiped the whole team immediately.

I never think to record a video, but given that point F in hideout has happened twice now ill try to get a recording of that specific area.

@thehappybub Shouldn't this be easy to test? Since the drones don't drop magical "bombs" they literally just drop actual grenades and molotovs...couldn't we just throw grenades at the roof of F and see if they go through?

@amurka Im level 87, It happens quite often. Afte rthe first few times I made a point of "burying" myself deep inside buildings, away from anything frisible


Yup happens to me too. If it lands close enough to the wall you are behind then it will penetrate. Mikey mentioned that in a livestream, he said they are considering putting in an animation to indicate that shrapnel was penetrating. Not that you would see it with your back to the wall.

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@amurka ive been trying to get recordings but its just been difficult to catch the moment since most of the time the insurgents end up calling in smoke rounds.

@ehwot Agreed, I've been in a round last night when the whole team of 7 people where killed that way leaving one hopeful to cap the objective. Two things, the clipping of arms through walls may be a thing and/or just what gprologitech explained. I am up in arms of how the building stays afloat after bombings occur but hey, this is a game.

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@zafer said in Artillery/Rockets/Helicopters and Drones.:

I am up in arms of how the building stays afloat after bombings occur but hey, this is a game.

NWI hasn't added destruction, and they've said in livestreams that it's hard to balance a map with destroyable buildings.