Game no longer works; Out of video memory.

My game worked just fine for few days after purchasing it, no fps problems! Nothing at all, game worked smoothly. But then one day after coming home and starting up the game gave me an ERROR about video memory; ("Out of video memory trying to allocate a texture!"). No changes have been made and my system works flawlessly. This game just stopped working and It's been 3 days or so..

I managed to play 8.8 hours smoothly just fine and then all of a sudden the game doesn't work anymore due to "memory issue". This is definitely issue in the game, not in my system.

I've got,
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070
i7-4790K CPU @ 4.00GHz (8CPUs),
32.0Gt DDR3

should be more than enough to handle this game..

@odeyra said in Game no longer works; Out of video memory.:

should be more than enough to handle this game..

yea you'da thunk

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I have same issue, played around 20 hours without problem and now my game crashing at the beginning of each round with popup "Out of memory".
I tried different nvidia driver , same problem.
I saw nothing about that on the forum.
Someone can help me please i can't play anymore.

cpu - i5 6600k oc 4.5 ghz
gpu - MSI 1070 GTX
Ram DDR4 G.Skill Ripjaws V - 16Go 2400 Mhz
W10 Pro

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Try deleting your settings config in %appdata%/local/

Delete the whole insurgency folder and try again. Note that this will delete all of your settings and keybindings.

If this does not work try using Display Driver Uninstaller in windows safe mode (Note that this will ALSO delete your NVIDIA or AMD graphics driver settings)

Best of luck.

I tried, nothing work but thanks for your help freaky88.