Ok the scopes in this game right now are a bit SHIT, heres suggestions to improve it

Toggleable magnifiers, flip up 2x, acog with a red dot on top?, elcan toggle 1x and 4x, canted ironsights'
Might want to change the cost of some scopes to balance it

ACOG for security
For authenticity
Id prefer a different acog reticle too. The current one looks kind bad
maybe even make it customizable

Zeroing, pretty important

Low quality setting scope obviously needs a fix

Also, holo and red dot reticles look terrible right now

Thats all, sandstorm is awesome 🙂

@zakcha said in SCOPE REWORK/FIX:

Zeroing, pretty important

For most of the ranges Sandstorm is played at it really doesn't matter, but I would like to see zeroing for at least the 8x scopes. It doesn't have to be too intense, just by increments of like 100m I think would be reasonable.

I mean on maps like hideout and crossing ive been sniping from 150-300m away, id really like zeroing for this
Possibly even more long range for future maps too

@zakcha Yea so like 100, 200, 300, 400, 500 that's all they need. Maybe even 100 250 500

@thehappybub yeah 100m increments up to 500 sounds good