gain more xp from playing firefight

since you guys want to push competitive for this game then i think it would be beneficial to the game increase its EXP gained from playing firefight(unranked). this would give people more incentive to play firefight. right now the matches are so short that you really dont have enough time to earn any substantial amount of exp that it makes the mode usless for leveling up. why would i play 10+ firefight matches when i could just play 2 or 3 push/skirmish matches level up?

or maybe give some other incentive to play firefight like maybe every 5 matches you unlock a new piece of gear.

this could also get more people interested in competitive firefight further boosting the competitive player base.

idk just an idea.

You know, I’m starting to wonder if it’s not the time difference, but rather the kills and objectives difference. In checkpoint I usually have 40-60 kills and 5-7 caps (assuming we win on first try) and in firefight I usually have 8-15 kills and 2-3 caps. It’s way more difficult to get kills and caps in firefight than it is in checkpoint, so shouldn’t this be reflected in EXP gain? I’m thinking of MW2 where kills in search and destroy were worth 1000 (I think) and kills in team deathmatch were only worth 100. Maybe something like this would increase exp gain in pvp?