Other forums?

Im new here but addicted to much to the game !)
(actually i also love to shift to new genre, my common games are rpg, turn based whatever, cars/racing games (i feel like MR is turn based car game for me..) and nba/euro football. Last time such switch happened to me with Kagero deception on ps2.)

I like this forum, community is alive, not complaining too much, no trash, and devs are here too!

V kontacte russian forum described by Pavel like "bunch of pirates, complaining all day and trash talking. And now its very unsafe to have Vkontacte account - you find yourself in the jail in no time...

Steam forums are more about mods and PC, looks like mainly not for xbox user.

So any other alive forums we have?

@stazco Not that I know off. Welcome to the forums. Yes, we here pretty much know each other in a virtual way, lol, cuz we stick around a lot. There can be hate sometimes and there is happiness too 😃 but it's fun. MudRunner community is unlike any other. We are very very hardcore fans of the game. Take it as some sort of cult hahaha. It gets intense sometimes but it's just because we like the game soooo muuuchh!!!! Take into account that we are playing it wayyy back from 2014 times and still in love with it. If you can switch to PC, do it, cause the game has so much to offer there! with mods it becomes huge.
Anyways, welcome once again and hope you have a good time around us.