Paper maps for FORESTER rule

In my recent post i discuss tips to make game more hardcore and immersive.

One of them - dont use the ingame map. But if you plan long complex playthrough with this rule included - you definitely need paper map!

I've found good location with default (and mods) and detailed maps: link text

But these maps dont have points of interest (POI) like garages (esp. starting one), fuel stations and logs/mills.
I believe i could survive just by fast loading them in game and putting POI by pen.
But maybe you know where to get maps with POI? (except local trucks)

@stazco Hey buddy! there are a lot of cars in my country like the one U have in your profile pic. It's gaz made I think but we call it the "Guazabita" lol 😛

Its uaz "buhanka" (brick of bread)
Its soo strange its not in A class...Its 4×4 and has many addons and body types

But lets come to the topic - maps)

So now im fine with these wikimaps.
Only ridge is missing, found some deformed one, hope to get it right.
And before printing DONT forget to upside down them, android has such tool. Also better to increase brightness.
Put POI manually, and enjoy immersive gameplay as a real driver-explorer 🏞 📝 🤩

AND NOW you MUST use a compass, wow)))

Now EACH hidden truck is a great reward, and resources are limited this way. You may not find it at all, or near the end of mission. So its a new gameplay - check all these villages, white spots and such to find the vehicle for refueling truck, or for short logs.

Now are one on one with the nature, everything is up to you.

alt text

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