Steam Overlay Bug

Problem: View all friends in Steam in-game overlay is using the client friend module instead of the in-game browser and causes the game to alt-tab out in fullscreen.

Reproducible: 100%


  1. Open the game
  2. shift+tab to open Steam in-game overaly
  3. Click "View all friends"

@betteroffgaming for me the "View all friends" button just doesn't work at all.

Contact Valve instead, we can't modify Steam Overlay functionality.

Actually, I narrowed it down to only happening if you are set to offline for chat, or leave the chat window open on another monitor and mouse over it, same thing happens.

@Arc If this was a Vavle issue, it would happen on all games. Can we agree on that? I haven't looked at the Steam API, but I am willing to be they have multiple ways to call the chat functions. You probably are calling a function tied to the client vs the in-game browser. Not a show stopper. 🙂