Can we have a way to combat the toxicity

seriously bring back named voip so we know who we can mute its hard for me to stream this game when I get some edgy white kid who thinks its funny to spam the n word or some other racial slurs over VOIP because its against Twitch ToS and can get people banned. If you want this game to become more popular how about let streamers and other players have the ability to enjoy it without some uncultured in bred ruining it with their antics over the mic its stressful enough when you get teammates that shoot first and ask questions later (team killers/friendly fire).

Now I Know I not some big streamer but if your game community is going to be stereotyped to be mostly full of edgy children that scream or N bomb over the voip its not going to attract any of the big streamer to play this game and its quite off putting in general I even found the first insurgency off putting to stream and play even when I can still mute the correct people but its so acceptable or just pure lack of active admins on servers its actually very sad to witness an enjoyable game get ruined by idiots and this one is going down that very path without a lot of the features the first one has.

I understand the game is in Beta and has yet to be updated since mid September but I honestly hope the devs have this as a concern and are thinking of ways to combat it, yes optimisation is the main priority I get that but this is also another part of the experience of playing the game that some developers can overlook quite easily.

TLDR let us see who is voiping so we can mute them and a possible report function and active gm's/admins to punish toxic kids.

NWI is aware of the whole VOIP situation. Specifically the muting bug. They've mentioned in their streams that they're consider their options for dealing with the toxic users. Currently I think they're leaning towards giving the power to the community instead of hiring employees to manage UGC. It's yet to be decided, so we'll just have to wait till then.

that is great to hear captain price just hope its ready for release as well as the other major fixes the devs are working hard on.

@crit91 The devs are working hard, I think they'll come through for the community just fine 🙂

if someones using voice and you want to know who is talking shit or yelling down their mic or mouth breathing then hold tab, every player has a voice icon and it will light up when their mic plays back something.

you can mute people or disable voip.

In no way shape or form should NWI waste development time making the game a perfect little world for streamers, do what every one else does and mute the offensive people or disable voip all together since your streaming nature attracts the toxicity.

Also no NWI product has been branded as being riddled with toxic little 12 year olds, that would be the League of Legends, Fortnite, and Player Unknown's Battle Grounds, because once again the popular games attract the streamers who attract the toxic 12 year old edgelords who have offensive usernames and spam racial slurs in game.

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I don't see any indication at all when someone is talking. Not in the HUD and not when looking at the player list. It shows nothing, and the mute button does not react at all.