Greased bolt does not work on Mosin with 7x Scope

I’ve seen this on a couple other threads and thought it would be more noticeable as it’s own post. It would appear that the 7x scopes disable greased bolt on the Mosin, though it allows you to select both. Probably a bug connected to the 7x scopes disabling stripper clips (but you can’t select stripper clips if you have a 7x).

Assuming this is a bug and not a balance thing because it still allows you to spend points on the greased bolt even though it doesn’t take affect.

Greased bolt works on the M24 with all attachments.

For real, I would really like to know if any of security or Insurgents would ask their fighter for anything in return for grease!
I mean it makes no sense that they can't have greased bolt in real life.
It should be free/default.

@chraso yea it should be replaced with like a straight pull bolt or something.