More guns! & other ideas.

P90 (this gun I am the most interested in, from these 3, developed in 1990, currently in service) <<
(Winchester Model Model 1886)
(Desert eagle)

Possibility to change zooming distance. (at least on sniper rifle)

Possibility to change the radio mode to Radio silence.

Possibility to change gun from the right hand to the left hand, because when you want to aim on your left side and you have gun in right hand the enemy see you much better because of the angle and area of your body which has to be uncovered to aim down on the enemy. This could help in close combat when you are hiding by the wall and then you want to suprise the enemy by looking around the corner from your left side.

Another aiming style to switch, in very close combat, for example with sniper rifle etc. with big scope lens(the one on long distance). For example: When I would go to some building with sniper rifle and enemy suprises me, the aiming through huge lens is really hard so there I could use the Another aming style. I hope that you can understand me - I am not native english speaker.

Shooting when you are sprinting - it should be very inaccurately but in the real life you can shoot while you are running.

Shooting when you are jumping, should be possible too and even by the while you are laying down on the ground but very inaccurate against the jumping one. - When I imagine that I aim on enemy from some wall and I fall down I should be able to kill him from the air.

The RPG and explosives should destroy or damage the shape of building.

People who get hit by bullet, for example to the leg, should fall down on ground and then crawl on the ground or jump on one leg or something like that. They sould not use the damaged leg.

I am not sure right now about the smoke but in the old insurgency when you were for example in the first floor and somebody threw the smoke to the ground floor, the smoke shoud't be visible in the first floor going through the floor and other things like these.

Some evasive motions like somersault, roll to avoid something. I think that the Rambo films contain these motions 😃

In the game could be rope for climbing on roofs and high positions - just an idea.

30.9. - New idea - Truth about silencer - increases damage, reduces recoil.

Youtube Video

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I agree with most of these.

There should be a bigger impact after getting shot, such as getting knocked down if you don't die. This would make lower caliber weapons still useful even though they lack the killing power of the higher calibers. Right now, 7.62 is basically your best option in all situations. The only issue I can see with this is that it's never been done before in a game as far as I know. There's probably reason why.

I hope they never add ridiculous guns like desert eagle or a lever action gun in a game like INSS. I'd rather they add guns that fit the theme like Galil and M27

Why a Deagle? It's a sporting pistol that's horribly impractical for combat.

Keep in mind this isn't Counter-Strike, Battlefield, or Call of Duty (The 3 most well known military themed shooters I can think of off the top of my head). Insurgency is more committed to authenticity than most other military shooters so you most likely won't see anything outlandish for modern combat like magnum caliber pistols or lever action rifles.

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It doesn't have to be a desert eagle. I think that if you have a opportunity to pick up from various of interesting weapons the game itself is much more interesting.
You don't have to necessarily pick the desert eagle, it is, always, up to you which gun you choose. If the player against you pick the desert eagle instead of M9 and than in the combat he misses you it is his mistake but on other hand if he shoots you to the leg you propably should be figure with only one leg 😃 << this is a little bit exaggerated.
In the link below is video with D.E. and what happens with human head if you get hit
Youtube Video

And this is what happens to the ribs
Youtube Video

I play the Insurgency a lot and I could not play the game for so long if there is only few guns to play with. I realy had to change the weapons from rifle to only handguns and etc. because after that, the game became much more interesting/exciting.
So why More guns? Why does the figure in the team has the opurtunity to pick different weapons? Different maps, different places and situations, different guns, but still you/(I) don't want to have a standard. I am just enjoying to beat someone with pistol when the opponent has AKM. So again: Why? It is funny.!.
The authenticity should be in the physics because that is the source of real authenticity. In the real life these combats doesn't exist, people acts differently and they have much more options to do. In the game you don't act like this you just play the game. I know that in the certain angle of view you have truth but it is hard to make it functional, not because of some technical thing but because of people/players.
I think that you want to have the insurgency more competetive, with teams of players who comunicate one with other. But how many players can be in a such of team? 8 maybe. But 16? And twice? How many servers? How long would you play this game with all of these people? There should be a special mode for the thing which you want, but still the physics has the main part in the game, because the game itself and whatever you do in the game is based on the physics. I think that in the games, have bigger participation, players who play the game just like me, players without some group of people, players who play just for fun, maybe some nice solo attack and some adrenalin/exciting situations.
Btw: I like the Insurgency 2 because of 1 hit kills. If there would not be the physics set like it actually is and you would have to shoot half of stack to only one player I could not play the game anymore.