XBox one crashes

After doing 3-5 maps game is crushing each second time when I resume playing (i set xbox into fast load mode, so untill you run another game or turn off the power completely, MR keeps running).
Sometime even not after switching back xbox on next day, but after running youtube app in the same session!
And in most cases this crush is not "crush to desktop", but the huge crush i met first time on all consoles - xbox turns off completely! So you can't even start it from gamepad, only by power button, and it loads like after full shutdown...
So very strange and even dangerous...
Please check it.

(Xbox one S 2tb, single player mode)

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Hi there,

Sorry for getting back to you a couple of days after your post - does this still occur if you play the game without fast load mode?

Turning off "Fast load" doesnt help - it crashes often when you switch back to MR from another "small" app, youtube for example (xbox turn off the current game only after you start another game, but if you start the app - game remain running).
So again - play MR, switch to Youtube for 1 minute, switch back to MR - game crashes, turning off Xbox. Every second case. ☹

Thanks for the response, I'll get this passed along to the dev team. Are you playing on the latest build/patch?

@iyagovos yes, xbox update it even at night)
Thx a lot! Its a serious bug, and 90% is global because consoles are the same everywhere. ( maybe its somehow connected with increased saved data - during first 2-3 maps it didnt crush, and it seems that more i play - it happens more often. (I have 1tb free hd space, i dont play online, and i dont launch any other games since i got mr, only youtube, twitch and edge apps)

@stazco Do you have The Ridge or The Valley installed?

Finally, is this a new issue that's appear, or have you seen it before?

Good question!
IT IS the first time when i see crush with console power off.
Some times MR crushes in common way for xbox - CTD (crush to desktop), and CTD with huge noise (i had it with xcom or skyrim from time to time, and its accepted by devs as a global bugs).

But 8 from 10 MR crushes turns xbox completely off, full shut down.

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