Anti Camper System

With the state of PVP right now its a campers paradise and its just lame AF how many people camp in this game. I think having a anti camper system where once you stay in a area of say 5-10m for longer than 1min your gun gets disabled, Something similar to this idea would be great. This would also allow you to bring more team based tactics into the game I.E. when 1 player leaves the area they can tell another to take up their position. Id also like to add it should not be an exploitable system that allows you to leave said area and then return 2 secs later. Id only rectify this idea in cases where 1 player is left stacked against the odds that they have a chance of using the enemies aggressive nature against them when they seemingly will go hunting for the 1 remaining player.... Just my opinion.

No...just no. Objectives are the only thing that should determine player locations. I just think the maps are too big and too open. (That's why you have non-objective based camping)

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@musicnote You played much PVP as the attackers?

I understand campers can be infuriating, however sitting in the shadows waiting for someone to come in your line of sight is part of the game too. When we are able to play 5v5 firefight, camping is a key function. My advise to best combat the issue of no mined campers is to give us a votekick/voteban option.

To many PANJ lovers here already...Wow!

@fattmedic Panj was my least favorite map, try market.

How about we not police people on the way they play the game? This must be one of the dumbest suggestions so far. Many people run and gun, myself included. The only difference is we actually check our corners and rush when we know it’s safe.

@thehappybub Yea... ME! Gimmi a noshar canals TDM anyday!

@fattmedic TBH I wouldn't mind an extra TDM that was just purely TDM with no objectives or anything. I'll get accused of making this into CoD or something, but sometimes I just wanna get kills. It shouldn't like replace any current versus gamemode though. I think it'd be a fun TDM given the mechanics of Sandstorm.

I dislike the current meta of staying prone in a bush with an LMG/sniper all game and racking up kills, but this is probably the laziest way to "fix" the issue I could think of. Even if implemented, people will just rotate between two spots (or two areas of the same spot) every minute.

The real solution would be fixing the maps so they aren't as open (which would be quite an endeavor, but a necessary one) and increasing max run speed (after a long acceleration period so as not to affect firefights) to decrease time spent exposed in the open.

There was a free spectator mode on first beta after you die.In which you can find all corner campers and can use explosives to clear or cover the flanks.
But unfortunately it was removed in beta2.