i think you guys should definitely bring back the veteran (500 kills) and headshot (200 headshots) cosmetic skins and wraps from Day Of Infamy, and maybe the knife kills special melee weapons too.
ghillie wrapping on a sniper rifle sounds particularly interesting.

Also would be cool to see generic weapon skins, like OD green and Flat Dark Earth suracoat/duracoat for security weapons, and maybe sprayed on colors/camos for insurgents.

For the actual player models, would it be too much to ask for country patches from at least all NATO countries? would be cool as hell to represent.
Also being able to choose, or at least have the color of plate carriers and ammo vests compatible with what camo you have chosen, bc i think it looks goofy to have flecktarn, woodland, and forest camos with a tan carrier and vest on the security side.