randomise the capture points to prevent groundhog day

I am a big insurgency fan and helped run a community server for many years, the new sandstorm has lots of potential but its still really repetitive.

The only way to prevent this is to randomise your capture points, I know this would mean making many bot nav paths but it is the only way to stop this becoming the same thing over and over again, groundhog day.

@k0872 They don't need to make bot nav paths manually in UE4, there's a built in navmesh that takes care of that.

This will probably be remedied when we get more maps and co-op modes.

@jensiii Unfortunately, there are a HELL of a lot of pieces of terrain geometry to get stuck on. Even as a seasoned FPS player, there's something about the terrain in Sandstorm that makes seemingly easily traverse able areas totally impassable. I seriously doubt the bots would fare very well with "procedural pathing"

But hey...anythings better than what they have...so lets do it!

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@amurka said in randomise the capture points to prevent groundhog day:

anythings better than what they have

Honestly, though lol

I think AI needs to be toned down difficulty-wise first, because oh lord jesus have mercy on us all.

The AI is on 50% difficulty by default and they're more difficult than the 35 Angry Bots AI.

@marksmanmax I agree, but toning down the difficulty doesn't really change anything. The thing that makes them "hard" is that they no scope one-shot headshot you (and helicopters/ied drones) across the map, toss mollies with dead accuracy from like 150 m away, among other absurd things. If you don't get hit with one of those unlucky instagibs then the bots are honestly still pretty trash.

Individual bots just need to behave normally. They should like run from some generalized cover to some other generalized cover. They should lean or try to like run away a little if they got shot at in the open, they should assume crouching stances sometimes, they should lean out of cover, they should maybe even blind fire over cover or around corners. After this basic individual behavior is done, then it'd be cool if they patrolled areas more, defended objectives further out than just inside the actual building, etc.

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