If this is what is coming in the next DLC than I am very excited to drive this behemoth.

As I see it, it IS coming: it's official 🙂

@mr-t Only if we can have that gooseneck 🤔

From their statement of some interesting thing for this vehicle, i am thinking this trailer is the only one.
Regarding it's usability in this game, that is a different thing because this game is very limited and that trailer is for tanks.
Maybe we could hop onto it a medium log trailer truck so we can transport it fully loaded across bad terrain, but stock maps are not built very well for this purpose, posing a lot of difficulty even for mighty 8x8 trucks.

@mr-t I do not want to complain all time, but something needs to be explained:
A-969 (luaz): As I wrote earlier, I do not understand why we will get this little car? It would only make sense if it could swim, but I doubt it.
C-6317: what will this truck differ from those 6-wheelers (and dozens mods) already present in the game?
7429: its hidden talent is obviously a platform for transporting other vehicles. First of all there were already very good mods of this type for the first spintires game (m1070 het), and secondly I do not know when we would need to use this platform, the only reason would be if we had bulldozers and other heavy equipment in the game and could carry them to the place of work ..

I am sure that most of players would prefer:

  • 64 BIT!
  • maps in workshop
  • snow
  • tire marks stay forever
  • generally greater terrain variety
  • tracked vehicles
  • other things to do, such as tree cutting
  • weather, rain and snow system.

instead of these three vehicles.
What do you think?

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I think, that only junior part of the team handles dlcs. I am sure, that models were bought from Max Dmitriev. But seniors and middles are focused on game engine development. I definitely know, that this is very hard, painful, but exciting process and it takes huge wast of time. So, i'll try to be patient for a while and be good with juniors work - dlc.

Regarding the update, there is a topic dedicated to it.
I have expressed my feelings towards this update...oh wait, DLC..such wow.
In this thread we are discussing the 8x8 vehicle.
This is a big machine, but damn it is kind of bad.
On the other hand look at this MZKT 7930.
Youtube Video

Or these many ZIL vehicles that seem to fare well on bad terrain, with speed
Youtube Video

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@mr-t I thought a cool concept is if all locked vehicles had no fuel and maxed out damage. You send in E-7429 with the gooseneck and load them up onto the back. It beats taking a repair truck to repair one and winch it back to a friend or garage for example. And if this gooseneck has a winch point in the back you can have 2 vehicles loaded with one on the winch in the back.

That Zil was as a MOD in ST, I like it appearance, it was available with nice addons, but wasn't nice to drive.
Half of truck is taken away with cabin and engine section, so no extra big carriages.
It's 1st and 4th axle steered, that makes it basically half as big in maneuverability, which is fine IRL, but in game when you want to enjoy riding huge behemot, not so much.
2nd and 3rd axle had no suspension at all. Watching a video, it might be IRL accurate, but strange to drive in game anyway.

But you might contact MODder, maybe he will be fine with sharing files or even better, he will convert truck for MR 🙂

There are a few zil vehicles in the video, but i'm guessing you think of this 8x8
Looks fine by me
Youtube Video

Now, these 8x8 and other large vehicles were designed for military applications, so they don't have in mind transporting logs.
Which in turn makes them not fitting for a game that only does mud and logs (and fuel as a resource to fulfill the logs delivery)
And this is where, once more we find ourselves hitting the barrier of this game. It is just an alpha demo version of a game.
It lacks the actual game.
It needs a ~20 missions campaign mode, open world gameplay and huge maps that require a large variety of elements, combined.
Imagine yourself any need for speed game (beside the city streets, and racing). The rest, the tinkering, the parts, the progression, the intricate connectivity of access to parts.
That is what we don't see.
And a logic.
Standard map designs are idiotic. You have fuel stations somewhere in the middle of nowhere. How the hell was the fuel delivered there in the first place?
And the most important thing. Why should i search on moders created content?! This game (4 old game) is asking 30 as retail price. That is a full game price, not an alpha demo.
Anyway, i got into the subject because all is connected.
This game lacks the actual game.
Not to mention multiplayer being broken. Come on, after spending 15 minutes or 20 in a session, the host decides to quit. BAM.
Not to mention the lack of anything fun. Wondering like crazy on a map that you know in your sleep. ok...such wow.
Give some rewards for being a good player and achieving something, so that in turn i can have a lot more fun.
Not a tank shipping tractor trailer.

@mr-t Yeah, that is the one I was speaking of.
Even from that vid you can see how stiff suspension is on that vehicle.

Rest of your post:
I agree on some points, disagree on others, however I like to keep this topic as "8x8 trucks".
Put it into a more appropriate topic with suggestions, Iyagovos keep them in check 😉

@mr-t Zil 8x8, looks like a solid rig for sure. But navigating tight sections in this thing makes you wanna punch a small child.

Actually this one is (as I already mentioned) half-sized due to front AND rear wheel steering.
Tight corners are surprisingly easy (easier than expected...) But it's wide so narrow spaces could be worse...

I keep a tight discussion, it just happened to overflow in this case. I have presented some of my other thoughts in the dedicated topic for the dlc.
Anyhow, we will see how this new vehicle will do in the game.
Personally i chose to start with the 1* or 2* vehicles and enjoy a challenge, as the 8x8 trucks make it too easy, even on hardcore.

This could be an interesting add-on for the new MZKT vehicle
Maybe a +2000l tanker on the goose neck

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