Pls can u guys implement face masks like the stuff u see special forces wear, then can y'all pls put gun camouflage like the ones that actually exist, like guns with yellow desert camo or woodlands camo and the ability to change the colour of optics too, for instance u unlock the desert camo for holographic sights then u can pick which loadouts have desert camo holographic sights and which ones u want to use a different colour for. and pls im begging Y'all, don't over do the customization, I stopped playing seige cause that game looks to God damn stupid and unreal. Then for the gun sightd can y'all give us the option to change to zoom on some gun sights like u do in sniper elite, I know, no there game does this but y'all can make urselfs unique lol. Cause they been times where I'm sniping with a M150×4 on my m16a4, love that gun, it's amazing if u use it right lol, then I want to storm a room but I got to rely on my laser sight alone cause if I scope, I'll zoom in more than I need and end up getting myself killed.