Introducing a forgive feature.

After 3 teamkills you should be kicked but let the victims forgive teamkills in order to balance tk's. If someone forgives = -1 teamkill in the 3 kill limit.

@maxxamann eh, idk. Do they get like a pop up on their screen while playing or something? Sounds annoying to the victim. Plus, if someone got 3 tks in a round their definitely a troll, even with some badly placed fire support I've yet to see someone mess up that bad.

Forgive features aren't typically bad and annoying to the victim. It's a great feature to have in a game like this where friendly fire is turned on 90% of the time.

Games like red orchestra 2/rising storm and rising storm 2 have a little neat forgive system that isn't too complex if you check this out on the bottom left.


@derpydays Ayt, I guess that isn't too annoying.