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Steam is a big sales outlet and some system requirements/ minimum requirements should be mentioned to avoid misunderstandings and/or managing expectations (at current state of game) My computer is a MSI GE70 and the game crashes about 60% of the games i join to play, at some random point during gameplay (coop, 10 hours playtime). Now, this computer is not good at all, but by no means a complete potato rig as it runs some other games just fine (exa: rising storm 2: Vietnam).

I have currently set all settings to lowest quality, made sure drivers are updated etch.
Giving us an idea if the problem is my rig or the game should be considered possible even at Beta-stage, marketed clearly on Steam as I don't see crashing adressed as a common issue.

My rig:
CPU: Intel i7-4700MQ Processor
GPU: Nvidia Geforce GTX 765M / 2GB GDDR5
HDD: 1TB + 128GB SSD -> game installed on SSD, internet connection is excellent. Playing European servers

As an ending note I would mention that Insurgency is my all time favourite FPS and NWI have delivered above all reasonable expectations when it comes to content and delivering solid games previously and they deserve credit for what they have achieved. I have full confidence in a great end product, and believe it is just a matter of time before Insurgency Sandstorm will be the game envisioned.

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Considering the game is still in beta and the specs have yet to be published, it's hard to say if your machine is even within the minimum requirements. Currently, the stage of the game is pretty much "try it, test it, if it works, cool"; as would any beta. There is no official specs out there so people can't fully say, "Yes it'll work". Therefore, I don't really feel there is anything that can be misunderstood or misinterpreted. It's a beta, not a finished product.


Hi, thanks for your reply.

I understand that the game is in Beta as mentioned in my post, the misunderstanding/expectations part is a consequence of being able to play other modern day shooters (in early access) having similar graphics with current specs, therefore assuming the game might be playable at lowest settings. I misunderstood the situation based on that premise, and have seen other posts about having crash issues and being uncertain if the fault is in the current Beta version or the customers own rig.

I rarely buy early access, but will upgrade my rig in the near future and being confident this game will be a good investment in the long run - It is no big deal if my current specs are too low.

Even then, it is off course exciting to try out the game in the Beta period - As the function of a Beta testing period would be to allow customers to play the game in its unfinished state and provide feedback that may in some cases be of help to the developers on top of providing economic support to the game development.

To provide a minimum requirement specification list of some sort, even with a disclaimer in the line of "these requirements will most probably change during the development cycle as the game is an unfinished product", will help the customers determine if it is worthwhile to invest time in trying out the product.

I would assume it is possible to benchmark the game on different rigs and get a picture of what range the system requirements will need to be within to be playable (even for a Beta version), then providing this information on the Steam site, though I understand it would be yet another workload. (Have a stable version and an experimental version and so on, you know exactly what I am referring to - Even DayZ - the godfather of early access hell, have a requirement list).

There is currently no official specs out there as you mention, and the moral responsibility may as well be on Valve for setting the bar that low for all early access games, thus making it a common practice we as consumers just got to deal with.

Still, as an independent company, you could raise that bar for your own products and sustain higher integrity than your competitors.

Anyways, when the game is running fine - It is a joy to play - and I am really looking forward to the end product=)

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Any news on minimum system requirements or will this wait until December 12th?

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@pacalis Hey there,

We'll have more information about the min requirements for Insurgency: Sandstorm in the near future