Lack of info

Yes, I know this is snarky...

Wtf? According to you, this game is scheduled to be delivered in 2019, so 15 months from now max, if you're on schedule. Many, many other developers put up teaser screenshots, funny play-test stories, or development tidbits way before this point in game development to not only let their fans know how things are going, but to help build hype, and anticipation. Even more so, they stimulate conversation to help steer content based on fan input. So, why the maybe 3 posts from you guys in over a year?

Some of us have been waiting for an electronic version of this game since we played in the 90s. Give us something. The cynics out here (me) are starting to get convinced that this is just another game that the developers could care less about getting it right with the players. If that's the case, tell us now and we can save ourselves the disappointment.

@vile it's a deserved venting of anger giving that, as a studio, we have been quiet across a number of different areas.

I'll try and respond in a way that doesn't react to some of the comments you've made, since I sit opposite some of the most talented and dedicated developers who are pouring their heart and soul into the game.

We are a small studio, and recently our Communications Director moved on to another business leaving us a little thin on resources that would be able to engage with you as much as we would have loved to. As Line Producer on the project, it's falling to me to chat in the Discord, post in here every now and again. However with the sheer amount of work on the project, it's certainly been harder than we would have liked/anticipated.

I understand what other studios do throughout production, totally 100% agree with you. I wish I could produce some content for you guys tomorrow sadly it's not the right time.

We do have indeed 2019 as a release date, and we're currently working on a roadmap to keep you guys updated, and show more content.

Also, we are testing every single day to ensure that the player experience is absolutely on point. "Getting it right with the players" is absolutely at the heart of what we do.

I understand we haven't done a very good job of communicating with you, and I am working closely with our publisher and GM to help solve this as we move into our release year. I hope you understand and are able to be patient with us.

Thanks 🙂

@sharkxpunch Now that's a fair answer. Thank you for taking the time to let us know. Please believe me when I say I'm really looking forward to this game. I'm just worried that there won't be more fan input/review and that the game will instead just be a development team's version of the game instead of something that all fans can immerse themselves in and truly love seeing their many, many hours of fun turned into a visual and engaging experience.

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Very fair reply to a reply! There's things going on behind the scenes that we are doing to help get the best feedback from the fans/community, I can assure you. It's also my job to sync up with Games Workshop every week, and I discuss the content / assets with them to ensure we are delivering a faithful version of the IP.

We hope we don't disappoint, and we're excited to share more info.


Good to hear there's a reason. Take a look at what the Snapshot Games guys have been doing with Phoenix Point. Yes they are a crowdfunded thing so they have to, but just little teasing bits of content, just stills and commentary, can be good. Or a developer diary. Doesn't have to be a fancy trailer. Speaking of which there's an increasing momentum behind turn-based tactical squad games, thanks to xcom, PP, mutant year zero, that cold war one. So marketing in terms of how it has similarities but is different is probably a good shout.

Thank you so very much for the explanation. I totally understand how hard it must be for a small studio to do all the same things as a larger one. I'm definitely looking forward to a roadmap for the development of the game. This game is a dream come true for me and if its anywhere near as good a Mordhiem then we'll all be incredibly lucky. If I lived closer to your studio I'd probably volunteer to do the communication for you. I'd love that kind of job, alas I'm stuck in old blighty. 😂. Looking forward to any and all information on your game.

Ps Have you thought about creating a mailing list for those who want regular updates? It could be nice to sign up to.

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To be honest, i would let them take their time. As much as i want to see their progress in the game, i prefer them to give us a hefty amount of "we did this" in a video demonstration of a fight between two gangs and presenting the game mechanics and everything done so far. I'm not a big fan of "small an regular updates", but some of you might want to see what they are up to regularly, and it's ok to want to see their progress and wonder about what might come next.

Also, the idea of a mailing list is also quite good. And as i'm rooting to see what has been done so far, i know good things always take time

The mailing list sounds good 🙂

@demoulius @Adam_rush29 i agree about the mailing list, sadly we need a dedicated marketing/community manager for this, so hopefully we'll secure someone soon 🙂

@adam_rush29 having moved from Blighty to Montreal I fully understand what you mean 🙂