Looking for mod trucks (logging) with "solid" axles

I am playing a mod map that has a bit of rocks and other obstacles. So I'm looking for mod trucks with axles that actually can be hit by these obstacles, and not just go through them like if there were not here. Otherwise it's too easy!
Do you know any good mod like that? I am not interested in huge crawling monster trucks, just regular logging trucks but with real solid axles...


there arent any, only V12 did them back in the days of spintires

Sad news. Thank you for your quick reply!

I suppose I could rebuild my big f600 with collision axles...

@DrGoNzO1489 How do those collision axles work? is it a code that can be added to a mods xml file. for example there is an existing mod that doesn't have collision axles can I just throw in a line or two in the files and it work?

@08_jk_ no it isnt that easy, it used to be back in tech demo and first versions of spintires lol

you need to create actual colision meshes (_cdt) and code the xml body and constraints to make them move then code tweak the suspension via spring and damping rather than MinLimit/MaxLimit and SpringStrenght

@Forces what if you just skinned part of the _cdt?

1st you cant export skined _cdt the game just wont load them lol
and 2nd it snt that easy Risky,
you basically dont use the <Axle/> tags you link the axle meshes to the Axle_cdt wich is coded in the <Body/> physic model mesh area, also you dont use SuspensionStrenght="" codes you use Spring="" and Damping="" in the Contraint of the Control_Axle_F_cdt and Control_Axle_Rear_cdt and then do the same "Suspension code" for the axle articulation.... its hard to make, i made 7 mods like that

Montecarlo 77 (1st Version of it it had IFS and Rear axle colisions)
Jeep Cherokee XJ
Jeep Wrangler TJ "RockForest"
Jeep Wrangler TJ RockCrawler "The Hulk"
1986 Ford F700 (Log truck, Car carrier Never Released)
Uaz 469 (For Spintires)
2006 Chevy Kodiak (Personal Build Friends Got the Stock Suspension One)

there are 2 mods like that int he worksho Zil 157k and Zil 130 but both are trail trucks too

@forces btw, did you get that issue with the collision axles fixed, you know that one which happened when you returned to garage. Since then I haven't touched my buggy with collision axles cause I got frustrated by it xd.