I can't use voice chat

When I press my voice chat key, it says I'm speaking in the bottom left, but no one can hear me. My mic works fine for all the other games I play. In the steam overlay "In-Game voice" menu, the mic also works.


I have to reposition my mic directly next to my mouth for it to pick up my voice. Try that for a temporary fix. A lot of people are having this issue, I believe.

Yeah, me too. My mic is attached to it, but flexible so I bend it closer to my mouth. I think it's a sensitivity issue that doesn't have any in-game solution yet. You could try yelling.

I'm definitely waiting for a better solution if anyone else has ideas.

Possible fix (worked for me) I have GeForce Experience on my computer. I hit Alt +Z on my desktop and it brings up the overlay. Look to the right and there is the Mic icon. Hit that and choose the way you want to activate the mic. Then click on settings gear then Audio and make your adjustments. Make sure your headset/mic is plugged in and turned on.

I hope this helps.