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Hello every one i'm here because i don't have any solution i do everything of this page : https://www.easy.ac/fr-fr/support/sandstorm/issues/errors/ when i am in the loading i hit 100% and i am kick by EAC timing out AND yesterday i have format my pc so i have just windows steam and insurgency on my computer and the same problem happen
So what can i do for play finnaly at this game ? thanks a lot

PS: im not alone https://steamcommunity.com/app/581320/discussions/0/1736589519991533869/

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If you are timing out during loading process it can be caused by 3 things: Your PC is not capable of playing the game, your harddrive is too slow for the game to load fast enough before it hits timeout or your background applications, security software or your router is blocking the connection.

Sorry but I think you're wrong because I have good components on in my computer I put 10 seconds to load and despite the speed I block at 100% it is not the internet connection because I am 80MB/s I have no anti virus and I disable the firewall to try and it does not work

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May be your Router is blocking automatically some important ports which are neccessary to connect to the server.

Did you try to put your computer in the DMZ ( Demilitarized Zone = unprotected Zone = means your router doesn´t hide your IP adress to the outside world )
which is also called Exposed Host ( on Fritzbox Routers in Germany )

Setting up my PC as Exposed Host in my Router settings solved many connection and timeout problems i had in the past with many other games.

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First it would be helpful to know what router modell you have.
Then you have to open the Router Menu which you normally do with a webbrowser ( like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Chrome etc. ) by typing the IP Adress of the Router into the webbrowser and after that press enter. For example : http://fritz.box/ or

The AVM Support writes this ( translated in english by Google Translator )
You can call the user interface either via http://fritz.box or the IP address of the FRITZ! Box (in the factory settings In addition, the FRITZ! Box is always accessible via the emergency IP

Click on "Internet" in the user interface of the FRITZ! Box.
On the Internet menu, click Shares.
Click the Port Shares tab.
Click the (Edit) button next to the (computer) name of the device for which the Exposed Host is to be set up. If no shares have been set up for the device yet:

 Click "Add Device for Shares".
 Select the (computer) name of the device in the "Device" drop-down list.

PS : As your router might be a different one as my AVM Fritzbox , just try to find the corresponding settings by google search.
I am sure you will find a lot of such information in the internet about your type of router.
And .... NEVER turn of Windows Defender ( Windows 10 ) !
Same rule for Antivirus and Windows Firewall for Windows 7 !

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hi i have test with the DMZ and the same problem in the loading im kicked i send you a screen to proov my research of DMZ but don't work (Aucune DMZ n'est configurée) Nothing DMZ was configured i have test with but for privacy i send you just that

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Ok, thank you for testing.

So sad it does not work for you. I hope you get support from NWI and you find a solution to play the game.

May be you should post your PC Hardware configuration so that NWI might help you better with solutions.

yeah sure this is my computer : 0_1537985150219_971a84d3-ddcd-4284-a69e-a34644a9dd32-image.png