When is the next patch?

Has delaying the game had no change on your update schedule?
Is this what we could of expected if the game did release on the 18th; week/month long intervals between updates?

My suspicion/guess is that transferring over to UE 4.20 is the thing that is taking time at the moment. That might have been something that was not originally planned. But this is just a guess.

It's taking long because they're upgrading to Unreal Engine 4.20 or they already did and are doing some other things to make the patch bigger.

I must have missed the part where they promised weekly updates.

@benz said in When is the next patch?:

I must have missed the part where they promised weekly updates.

Yea it'd be nice if they at least posted an explanation or something.

@thehappybub they did in their weekly livestream. they said that towards release updates will be less frequent. right now they are in the middle of porting to UE 4.20, which isn't a small task.

Follow them on Twitter. You'll get notifications when their live streams will air and you can even participate if you want to by submitting your own questions. .....or browse through their many past streams and your answer will likely have already been answered as Benz mentioned.

Each stream is about an hour or more and is essentially one big Q&A. Alex hosts one every 1-2 weeks. Mikee was answering questions on the last one. The live streams are probably the best source of information right now and the best way to get individual questions answered IMO.

NWI is very up front about the progress, direction, decisions, etc. regarding their game. .....way more than most other developers IME.