Buff Insurgent Support

Feels too weak,

Make chemical gas denser so it can be used for cover and or make it better at clearing buildings,
Increase the number of IED drones (per call or total) as they can be easily shot down
Also adding a kill confirmed for Bomber Drones would be nice (maybe a drone has been refitted wit a thermal camera),


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Insurgent support is definitely weaker than security. I feel they should make chemical motars denser (as you said) and disperse more, so that they can kill people inside buildings. Honestly, I think the drone bombing run is kinda dumb. If it were up to me, they should do a business jet fitted with bombs or rockets, like the thing that attacked the USS Stark.

@tooth-decay said in Buff Insurgent Support:

make chemical motars denser (as you said) and disperse more

They should just make smoke and gas volumetric, not a bunch of 2D sprites or whatever it is now. It's kind of dumb the way it is now ... no gas mask? No problem, just get under an overhang lol.

Bomber drones also currently only start dropping bombs when they REACH the purple smoke. They should start to drop just before that, so their carpet-bomb style drop lands CENTER on the smoke. As it is now, all the bombs drop AFTER (and since you can't choose the direction they come, you can't know where the bombs will actually drop!)

I also think the bomber drones should be more spread out, so that what they drop would cover a larger area.

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Tbh I feel like Insurgent support is more helpful than security just because both of the helicopter supports are broken to uselessness.

The choppers are only broken/useless against AI, who can shoot them down due to their aimbot (perfect accuracy on the choppers tail, which is a weakpoint) within 10 seconds. In multiplayer everyone hides from them, which is a powerful effect in itself, even if it doesn't get any kills...it's still forcing an entire team to do NOTHING for 20-30 seconds.

@amurka I see, I've never seen it used in versus, so good to know. Still think it needs a fix in coop though.