Weird Issues With "Lost" Levels

Sry, no pics or concrete proof. Just the knowledge that I KNOW I levelled up to 70 or 71 the other day, and am 100% CERTAIN that I was already at least 69 (because someone made a joke)...

Yet today I log in and I'm back down to level 68. It gets even weirder though. I noticed in-game, it stated my level as 69 already...and at the end of the match I levelled up from 68 to 69.

Not sure what exactly is going on, but something is surely fucky. (to use the technical term)

Don't get too attached to your stuff. It's gonna get wiped on release anyway. A Dev confirmed it to me on one of my posts.

No that's not why I made this. I could give a shit about my levels or gear. I'm just saying accurately counting player XP seems like a basic thing a game should get right..

It´s not a bug, it´s a feature 😉

Now when you reached Rank 70 or 71 or whatever ( you can´t tell exactly because you are getting old ) you reached the retirement age of Sandstorm.
You are a 5 Star General now and this game simulates that your brain doesn´t have the memory as in former times.
It´s time to leave the military and settle down in a little village close to a lake and enjoy life with your beloved wife who is tired of being alone while you were on the battlefields around the world, always putting your life in dangerous situations.


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@gsg_9_lightning lmao u right, we don't need prestige ranks we need retirement.