Map Complaints (Layers, Cardinal Orientation)

This post refers to the Map that tells you where things are, not map as in the level.

I find the new map difficult to use, and I'm trying to pin down why.

One thing the new map has in common with the old one is that it's not necessarily oriented so that Up on the map is North. I don't know the reasoning behind this decision, but I don't think it makes the game better. It's not consistent between levels either. All it adds as far as I can tell is confusion when communicating with other players.

"Right" on the map might be "South" on the compass and "Left" coming out of spawn.

The new innovation in map frustration is that the markers for the objectives cover up the player markers. You can be on the objective, and the map won't show you which direction you are looking, or if other players are on it and which direction they are looking. The objectives aren't going anywhere, so I don't see any reason why they should permanently sit over the player markers.

I actually came to the forums to make this exact post! From what i've found so far is that the maps are much bigger than the originals and spread out alot more to have a bigger battlefield. I do see why they did it and what play-style they are pushing for with the new game but im not jiving with it like I thought I would when I first bought the game at an EXTREMELY generous price.

*edit, I just read your comment a bit more and you were referring to the literal map, the one for navigation around the play area, I wrote a lengthy post on why I feel like the play ares are hard to navigate. Had to delete it since it wont fit here, guess I should make a new thread then 😃

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