Is there a patch release schedule?

I thought devs would release a patch each friday!

Does anyone know when will the next patch be released?

Well they went from thinking it was about release ready to totally resetting their schedule. I'm sure there were some hard to sit-through meetings at the company and some hard-feelings somewhere. If the dev team is in a good mood I'd be surprised.

At the bare minimum they'd need to do some analysis/reflection and maybe even public testing (that's us) to see exactly what needs changing or needs to be added. (that takes time) then they'd need to set up an internal roadmap/goal sheet with prioritized items and some that are "secondary" and then dole those assignments out to qualified devs, who only then begin to get started on the changes.

Then, before the changes get released they go through internal code QA and testing, and possibly keep getting changed until they feel the change is good. No one wants to re-do the same system, weapon, grenade, etc 5 separate times.

Give it another week probably before another patch comes out. No promises it will even be a large one.

@amurka said in Is there a patch release schedule?:

set up an internal roadmap/goal sheet with prioritized items

I sure hope it reads:
1.) Optimize
2.) Redo AI

The AI was crap in the old game too, and is practically identical to that in this game. I seriously doubt they're going to make any leaps or bounds in their AI's abilities in the next month...

@amurka I hope they do by December though... its honestly a big stain on the whole game.

May be their knowledge is limited and NWI needs an external programmer team which could do the coding for a more state of the art A.I.

The A.I. really acts unsatisfactory at this point.

Negatives :

  • They have no inertia ( body weight ) and do some weird left, right sprint manouvers when they are under supressive fire. They never slow down when getting hit.
  • They shoot with 100 % accuracy on very long distances in a splitsecond after detecting you
  • They shoot very slow on close quarter combat, giving players 1-2 seconds to react before they start firing
  • They don´t use any Flashbangs correctly before assaulting a building
  • They don´t use hard cover efficiently ( shooting over cover and hiding behind for realod )
  • They don´t lean around corners
  • They don´t cover each other by supressive fire while moving towards the objective defending players
  • They walk one after another at doors getting shot one after another so easily ( no slicing the pie tactics which is mandatory in such situations )
  • A.I. has absolute no walking noise , sometimes even no rifle firing sounds. The only thing i hear sometimes is the tangos projectiles missing me and hitting walls or furniture.
  • The Bots who are defending a mission objective don´t stand up from their hiding spots to engage the player who is going back behind cover to reload and attack the same guy again at the same spot.
    (If it´s not wanted that they go into offense in such situations at least they could change to standing or prone position to rise the difficulty a little)


  • They have a good timing when assaulting a room from different doors at the same time
  • They assault the room during players magazine reloads which often leads to succesfull kills although the bots reaction times are slow in CQC.
  • Their shooting abilities on medium distances are realistic ( not always 100 % accuracy and no great delay before opening fire )
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