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Hello, this is my first publication and I also think the same, it would be very interesting to know the opinion of everyone in this forum

A poll would be a good idea.

+1. using polls as a way to help figure out where to go next with he game sounds good. i have been wanting to make a couple community polls, but there is no option to do so.

was thinking the other day that a group of community members would be even nicer, but i do not think it will work well. deciding who to choose, getting a diverse enough group to cover most of the different areas and play types (logging, trails, stock, modded, vehicle building and map building, etc..) and those that are chosen would have to be on top of things going on to really do any good for us imo. so a poll would be the next best thing i figure.

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@8up-local they actually could set up a poll on their Facebook. There are options to do so there. Then they could either put ideas forth or have people submit content that then want to see then pick the top 10 requested items and have a poll on them to see what is most highly demanded

yes, but not everyone has or does FB. in fact is there not a few countries that have banned FB? idk. it could work though i think. just if it was kept here in the forums then we atleast we know it would be forum members doing the voting since FB would allow anyone to vote correct? but then again i am sure their are people who would make an account here just to try and foul things up, but i feel these numbers would be small compared to something as open as FB. as with most things there is some give and take, just a matter of choosing one. lol

Very true but then they will have to come up woth a way to incopperate a poll into the forums or and a quick link to a poll. Its not hard to do just depends if its and idea the team wants to go with and put the time into setting it up