video spintires mudrunner america wild

Some rock crawling with the Hummer.

Youtube Video

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@knight25 do not worry when I can find more videos I'll share more with the community😉

I wonder will we see at least one streamer who know how to use low gear?)))

@zamal the game has always been this way. It's actually a shortcut to hide a bunch of ugly stuff.

There is a skidder video, but dont expect the blade usage - done by newbie:

Youtube Video

Best Video so far with a guy who can actually play.

Youtube Video

New maps, especially for consoles, are always great. But these two usa - i dont like...

  • all scav point are concentrated in 1-2 places (yes, its more RL, but less interesting than the Ridge)
  • tooo much tarmac...all usa logging forests are equpped with tarmac roads??..ok..., but some series i saw on tv 10 years back showed different picture
  • all mills are in ONE location...sorry, but why build detailed maps, if everyone will use only one (and tarmac) route?..

One big question - have you noticed on new videos promised "scavenge mode" option for old maps?

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Why complaining? You always makes your own „rules“ to make MR harder or more realistic. You can do this also here.

@alpscruiser I rarely complain, and these maps are fine for most players. Who knows maybe i'll be able to "make" it impossible hard)

Now its time to rewatch American Loggers series, its very AW themed)

For me it´s perfectly fine. The most trucks have just 6x4 where you even can´t drive in the mud.
When you want it realistic there should be more gravel roads but so we have tarmac.
I will use the skidder or forwarder to move the logs from the mud to the beginning of a suitable road for the 6x4 Trucks, then load it up to the trucks and bring it to the lumber mill.

When you use the Western Star for it it´s way too easy, this thing is a beast and can haul log longs thru every mud section.

Yes, interesting new tactic, close to rl - move logs by skidder, and take by trucks in safe place. I didnt use it in ridge a lot, these new maps are made for it.
Good, will try tomorrow)

I been watching a few videos over the past few days. The new maps and vehicles look awesome. I did however notice in the last video I just watched on you tube, the F-150 rolled over and it appeared to be missing the front drive shaft, other than that I cant wait!