What's the point of the Sig pistol?

You can literally get the glock for one less point, which allows for a quickdraw holster, and you even get two extra rounds. They both have basically the same recoil, and shoot almost exactly the same, so why should the sig cost more? I think if it's gonna cost more, it should at least be .40cal or ++p 9mm or something, and if not it should have the same price.

@resolama1 the only reason I can think of is that the SIG P226 (L106A1) has a higher velocity, and I guess in the calculations in game that translates into more damage (?)

The SIG can be chambered for .357 rounds, which, if armor worked the way it should, should completely counter light armor (unlike other sidearms), so it'd be cool if it was chambered for that instead.