Needs more recoil and shorter time to kill.

I've noticed that there's no point to playing in semi-auto anymore -unlike the first game-, because full-auto is way too easy to control, and I feel it takes too many shots to kill someone. I'm not asking for a 2 shot kill, but I'm getting tired of dumping half a mag and wearing out my trigger finger to kill one guy who just 180s like a cod game and sprays me down with an ak(no foregrip).

I support that 100 %
All weapons should have more recoil in full auto mode.
It´s really too easy to pull a perfect horizontal line ( to hit several tangos who are standing in a 2 - 5 meter distance to each other ) in full auto with weapons that have foregrips.
This makes people run and gun all the time.
Big dislike !

Depending on the class of the ballistic vest the tangos wear, it is absolutely ok to put half a magazine to get a killshot when firing full auto to the chest.
The projectiles have to destroy the ceramic/steel/kevlar/whatever material of the ballistic vests before they can penetrate through it.

Youtube Video

Youtube Video

Youtube Video

These videos show the Dragon Skin vest which is much better than the "standard" Interceptor vest which are used by most of the US military forces.

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There's literally like 3 TTK threads in the general discussion already.

There I've also posted about armor types and how equipping armor should actually do stuff for chest shots.

I'd love for them to remove RNG from recoil and then double the recoil values.