Reloading Does Not Load New Magazine

Every now and then when I reload I notice that I don't load a new magazine, instead I load the same magazine. It hasn't happened recently, but when it was happening a few days ago I started making sure to let the reload animation complete and noticed that my magazine count didn't decrease. Just recently a friend had this happen to him when loading a shotgun. I'm not sure if this happens when speed reloading, if you walk while reloading, or if there even is a way to replicate this. Has anyone else encountered this?

Yea man, happens to me all the time. Seems like its something to do with movement and packet loss at the same time or something.... No fix that i know of.

Looking further i found three reload bugs in one game 1st at 5:30, 2nd at 7:10 and 3rd at 14:38. Looking closer im noticing each time that its strait after i quick switch from pistol to primary using your new weapon swap key implemented not long ago to switch from primary to secondary with one key. I think thats where the problem lies, mind you i pretty sure i had the same problem when i had two keys individually setup for each weapon as well, So it looks like it could just be an animation triggering to soon for it to take practical effect... Hope you can fix this ASAP Because its killing my plays when i have to reload twice and the enemy don't.
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@fattmedic You were onto something with the weapon switching. I tested it last night and found a way to repro the bug. Fire your primary, take out your secondary using any method of switching weapons, switch back to your primary and reload. One thing I'm not certain of is whether or not you need to fire your secondary before switching back.