Potential Balance for Current Compensator Full-Auto Meta

Just have the attachment only affect the first 3-5 rounds of a trigger pull. That way people who control their fire rate would see the benefits of less kick, but when they hold down the trigger the recoil will get harder to manage (as it should) after about 5 bullets of full auto. (Yea, I know it's not realistic... but we're going for balance, not Mil-Sim)

Further ideas are to have the compensator be less effective in the 1st second after a player stops sprinting, and to make it more effective (a few extra bullets before it becomes less effective) for people prone or crouched. This bit would counter the "run" part of "run and gun" and promote more crouchwalking and ambushing, rather than just everyone sprinting everywhere like they do now

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Not bad, but the second half could be chalked up to what ive been saying a lot. I think suppression effects should be increased like, double at minimum to discourage run and gun.

@amurka I don't think we aren't going for milsim … compensators in game right now do not work as they do realistically. The only thing a compensator does is redirect gas from the muzzle in a specific direction. If it redirects it upwards, the gas discharge will no longer contribute to muzzle rise. If it redirects it to the sides, it will not contribute to horizontal recoil.

The compensator doesn't decrease base recoil, it just prevents muzzle discharge (which is generally in unpredictable directions) into a predictable direction. The effect would vary completely based on the type of compensator.

For example, on an AK-74 the compensator redirects to the sides for more horizontal stability, while on an M4A1 it redirects upwards for more vertical stability. If compensators just worked the way they should there wouldn't be an issue. I think the way they work now is that they like decrease overall recoil by some percentage, which is not a good way to represent its effect.

Edit: Also a compensator's effects would be most noticeable during sustained fire.

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