There's a few team killers that I suspect change their steam usernames and habitually team kill across multiple games. They run over teammates with the pickup, shoot them down with the mounted MG, nade you, or just shoot you regularly. Over and over.

We don't need these guys at launch. Maybe they'll buy the game again which is nice for you guys.

Here are the replay IDs for a couple games and the griefers' Steam IDs:

Team killers are [Mod Edit] , [Mod Edit], and [Mod Edit] on Insurgent side.

[Mod Edit]

Once again [Mod Edit] and [Mod Edit].

[Mod Edit]

A few other players team killed the griefers, but only the griefers, as to not get killed by them.

As for feedback, the team kill penalties should be overhauled.

  1. Multiple hits on a friendly or a kill should count as 1 point
  2. Multi-kills should count as 2 points.
  3. The counter should reset after 5 minutes
  4. If a player reaches 3 points he is kicked.
  5. If a player team kills over X times in one match, he gets kicked as well
  6. First kick offense should be a short timeout
  7. Multiple kicks for team killing should be queue timeouts that get progressively longer (i.e. 1 hour, 12 hours, 24 hours, 72 hours, 2 weeks, etc.)
  • If a player does not get kicked within X days/games then the timeout counter gets reset or reduced by one level.
  1. If they reach 2 weeks and get kicked again, they should be permanently banned.
  2. If a person reaches X amount of kicks they should be punished/banned as well (to punish griefers trying to wait out the suspension cooldown).

Mod Edit: Removed Playernames/Steam ID's as name & shame threads are against forum rules.
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