Cosmetic coins resetting?

I spendt 300 cosmetic coins on a cosmetic and after i spendt the coins it came back but i couldnt buy anything with it, played a couple of matches and it still said 300 cosmetic coins then i played another match and then it reset to 100. (sorry for my broken english and sorry if it is hard to understand my english is pretty fucking bad :P)

Hey there,

Apologies on the late response here, I've forwarded this to the devs and we're looking into it now.

My experience with this has happened during health and now blood orchid. For instance this happens randomly. I did not get disconnected from the ranked game (this occurrence only happens during a ranked game), however, during pre first round everything is normal (only unlocked ops that i have). Following the first round or so all of a sudden all ops are unlocked and the mentioned issues in the OP's description occur. While after match it says connection failure, you still are awarded the ranked points +/- and my alpha pack percent does increase. But a game restart is required to fix connection and then i need to reattach cosmetic items.
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@repiks @iyagovos This is an issue if you spent all of your credits. It doesn't reset properly until you relaunch the game or level up again (and therefore gain more cosmetic points).

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@zikouo2 This sounds a lot like Rainbow Six: Siege. You're on the Sandstorm forums lmao.

@repiks It’s just a glitch the credits aren’t really there you already spent them that’s why if you try to spend them again it will say insufficient currency. And also why when you rank up again it finally updates to the amount you actually have of 100 this has been happening to me for a while now..!