THE GODDAMN M24 BOLT-ACTION RIFLE / Bolt-Action Compensators

EDIT: Can NWI remove the ability to attach a Compensator on a bolt-action rifle? There's literally no point lmao.

I can't even begin to describe how shitty this gun is.

First of all, the M14 EBR actually has better stats than this gun, with better range and better velocity with the same round = more damage downrange. With a Long Barrel, it seems to be a one-shot kill (or OHK, which I'll use later) to a farther distance than even the M24 with a Long Barrel.

The M24 is only a consistent one-shot kill out to maybe 75-100 meters or so, with a Long Barrel equipped, which is abysmal for a rifle that's supposed to be the counterpart to the Insurgent Mosin (which is simply god-tier). Not only does it not get Stripper Clips like the Mosin does (granted, it can't really use stripper clips anyway), meaning it suffers from terrible reload times, but it also lacks the Mosin's range (which is a OHK out to about 125 meters at least, without mods). You're better off just going Rifleman and mounting a scope on a G3A3.

So, to make this weapon not worse than a pistol:

  1. Buff the reload time of the M24 significantly. It actually kind of makes sense, since the Mosin is a bit rigid and reloading it can take some effort. Maybe also buff the bolting speed but that's probably fine as-is.

  2. Just please buff the velocity. How does it have less velocity than the EBR? The speed of the bullet is necessary if the gun is gonna be lethal at range.

I'd say buff the damage but the damage problem is probably due to the lower velocity, causing the M14 to have better results downrange with a Long Barrel equipped.

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Bumping because the velocity of the M24 is still the exact same (like 715 m/s or something) while the EBR is at about 860 m/s.

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