If there won't be more then 2 rounds, I quit!

That is very boring to have 1 round each side, and we just kept playing 4 maps.
Give us more maps or give us more rounds.
The half time it takes to change map than to play the map i think, which give me no fun

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@chraso The game's still in Beta. This is for testing purposes more than anything else.

It's currently locked to four maps to iron out any map glitches and bugs, and other maps will come into rotation as stated by Mikee on stream last week or so.

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any how 2 rounds is now boring as f**k

@chraso In the full game you won't be kicked out I think. You'll just vote a map and continue playing.

FYI this is 2nd beta, and I think it is enough for saying we need more rounds!

I think there will be 6 maps at release. They also took out a map from Beta 1, refinery.

I agree that Push should be best of 3. Each team plays a round on each side like normal, but the team with the highest total team score gets to choose by majority vote what side they want to play on for the final round (either attacking/defending).

I'm fine with the 1-1 rounds in Push.

2 rounds is fine for push, it's the same as OG ins2 iirc (might have been 4). Although if there's a tie they should def have a tiebreaker.

@staryoshi06 "Although if there's a tie they should def have a tiebreaker." That's exactly what best of 3 will produce, either 2-0 or 1-1 into a tie breaker.

@jarple I am aware, but tiebreakers currently aren't implemented.

@staryoshi06 No s#%$ lol! That's the whole point of this post.

There are tiebreakers in firefight, they added that during beta 2.