i looked and can't find help..

i download a ton of (all) the 3rd party maps from (~~MRmods)~~a site. mostly to get the maps models, (i do run all the maps to see if i like them). So is this considered unauthorized use of stuff? Is this acceptable? I am not even close to putting a map up for everyone. If i ever do want to post a map, do i need to credit all the sources of my map models? *ps. can i just make/import my own map models?? thanks to all, Rufus

Is the MudrunnerMods site Russian like WorldofMods site? Because if it is they do put everybody's stuff on there websites (mods and maps) from all of us but they do give credit, So should you release any maps with there models I would definitely give credit...But I would still try to get in touch with the map maker/model maker.

if i was you i would not use any one else models unless you have permission .

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how do i know who made these things? like the fences, and the houses, rocks, gas stations and all the other things in the 'models' tab of the editor? Rufus

@rufus said in i looked and can't find help..:

how do i know who made these things? like the fences, and the houses, rocks, gas stations and all the other things in the 'models' tab of the editor? Rufus

usually the creator of the map

There was a thread that got deleted that asked the same question. It seems some folks have a problem with certain people using their custom map objects. They want you to ask first. And, unless you're part of the "cool/hip/in" crowd, they will tell you no. It reeks of elitist snobbery to me. They don't want credit where credit is due. That's not enough. They need to play control freak. Using someone's vehicle model, that they may have spent considerable time and/or money on, without permission...yeah...I can kinda see the point in fussing about. But map objects? Seriously? BFD. That's petty.

I don't know. I guess what I'm trying to say is, why can't we all be on the same map making team? How is that such a bad idea?

@mudhappy ok so where's the difference in using a model for a vehicle that someone spent considerable time on and using a model for something other than a vehicle someone spent considerable time on?

can i either make or acquire my own map models?? I have no idea how to do this. I cannot find any info on making static models. are the items in the Sketchup library able to placed in a map? there is a shitload of things that would be pretty decent additions to My Map. Rufus
ps, when i download a new map -the static models show up in my editor. are those 'open source' type items? because it seems like they are in every map?

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You can most definitely use the stock game assets without having to ask anyone

You can make your own models, then use as you wish. If on some else's map you download has custom models then seek permission unless it states you can use them.

Back before Mudrunner was a thing and we were all playing Oldtires (original Spintires) I downloaded a map made by WrenchinMonkey based around the Expedition Overland web series (check it out on YouTube, great watch) that featured rest areas with a nice sunshade, picnic tables, BBQ pit, etc. At this point I'd never made a map myself before, but was vey impressed by the design, and these little details. After the release of Mudrunner, I decided to try my hand at map making. At first I couldn't understand why I couldn't put those things in my map, but over time I learned that it was because they were NOT part of the default map assets, but that they were added to that Oldtires map as custom objects (map was by WrenchinMonkey, but the assets were by Spun). Once I understood that aspect of it, I asked both WrenchinMonkey and Spun if it would be okay for me to use those custom objects in my Mudrunner map, and was politely denied, therefore maps I release in the future, if any, will not contain those models.

TL:DR - if it's not included in the base game, seek the author's permission to use them.

I will not vouch for the site at all, but you can find some custom models that have been "released into the wild" here. A lot of the filenames and such are in Russian, but most have preview thumbnails too so you can figure out what they are and pick out the ones you like. Also since they were made for Oldtires and not specifically Mudrunner, some just don't work...

Hope this helps! 🙂

the longer you are in this community the more you notice that a lot of the mods are taken form somewhere else, let it be a payed model site, or a free model site like 3dwarehouse for sketchup models, or stolen from a offroad game like bregel has done in the past with his samurai, as long as you give credit and ask for permission first go ahead and use what you want, but don't be that guy that takes something from somewhere and claims he scratch built it. Hint Hint

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That directed at anyone in particular?

than you Mexican_420 and Skull0fd3ath for the replies, i have been attempting to find a Tutorial on model making, I come up with squat.. i've floated the question about 'the 3dwarehouse' (no feedback). I have little, to no experience in all of this. (if anyone remembers seeing any modeling info, tutorials, I would be very grateful to get ahold of this information.) The question of usage and crediting models/mods is much clearer now (Do Not Assume! Just Ask...)
with that said THIS Forum has been a really great place to expand my enjoyment/knowledge of the whole ST/MR experience.

You're very welcome, sir. I've been in your shoes and have received a lot of great help from others here in the forums as well, paying that knowledge and attitude forward is the least I can do. 🙂

@rufus I wrote a small tutorial on how to get models into your editor and game.
Just post if you have any questions. Creating models and getting in game is pretty easy once you see the process.


thank you!! heading there right now Rufus