Crossing map glitch collection

Hi there!

1: some sandbags are in the air
2: "hole" in the rocks, only visible from one side
3: same thing at another nearby location
4: "hole" in cave leading to "B"
5: player stuck location

All screenshots contain coordinate info.

3_1537691399951_20180923095813_1.jpg 2_1537691399951_20180923095738_1.jpg 1_1537691399950_20180923095722_1.jpg 0_1537691399950_20180923095136_1.jpg0_1537702179338_1537375640412-20180919182434_1.jpg

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1: Don't know if it's intentional, but you can not go trough between the house and rock wall (you can only go around to access that spot)
2: Maybe it's just me, but there seem to be to many sharp edges on the rocks in this location, looks unnatural in my opinion.

1_1537772820502_20180923191312_1.jpg 0_1537772820502_20180923191254_1.jpg

1: another small "hole" visible only from one side (look at the middle of the screen 😛 )


1: "airgap" 🙂
2: floaty sandbags and maybe the pallets aswell (a bit)
3: at that location, players can vault into rock and get stuck (prone got me out)
4-5: not really visible on screenshots, but looking ingame both car placement seems a bit off

2_1538221578561_20180929133507_1.jpg 1_1538221578561_20180929133037_1.jpg 0_1538221578560_20180929132946_1.jpg 1_1538221610148_20180929133931_1.jpg 0_1538221610147_20180929133354_1.jpg

Hey man you're doing a great job finding all this stuff lol.

Thanks, got some more! 🙂

1: scaffold legs on the left side not reaching the ground
2: not 100% sure about this one, but car placement might worth a check ingame (wheels in air)
3: wheels in air

0_1538247535710_20180929193629_1.jpg 0_1538247547524_20180929193945_1.jpg0_1538334980413_20180930204318_1.jpg

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1-3: maybe worth a check
4-5: some floating stuff

0_1538335089062_20180930205124_1.jpg 0_1538335096847_20180930205624_1.jpg 0_1538335114281_20180930205618_1.jpg 0_1538335143732_20180930205256_1.jpg 0_1538335190619_20180930205656_1.jpg

1: "unnatural" rock formation 🙂
2: "light-leaks" in the corners of tunnel and some floating "dirt" (parts of a texture I guess)
3: strange-"transparent" texture at tunnel area
4: another area strange-"transparent" texture at tunnel
5: confirming stuck location (got totally stuck last time, no way out)

0_1538898972389_20181001194102_1.jpg 0_1538898979485_20181001190822_1.jpg 0_1538899001810_20181003120150_1.jpg0_1538945636698_20181007215634_1.jpg0_1539117576243_20181009211641_1.jpg

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