Love the game so far and looking forward to release. Other than the movement speed still being a bit to fast the only improvement I would like to see is a more intense suppression effect when taking fire. Need to get the ole heart rate up a bit and feel like the situation is dire. Thanks again for an awesome game and I wish the team best of luck come release day!!!

I'm really satisfied with the audio of suppression right now. Especially with headphones, its really intense. Perhaps they should up it up a bit more visually, but I wouldn't say suppression effect is bad.

Lol can you imagine if they went full realism and made the screen go black every time a bullet impacts near your face or a large shell lands nearby to simulate the player instinctively closing their eyes? 😃 Imagine the screeches and "REEEEs" here on the forums!

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"Imagine the screeches and "REEEEs" here on the forums!" People are already reeeeeing. What there was a fumbling reload animation if attempting to reload under suppression effect?

Overall though, I think the current effect is good. When I'm getting suppressed in game I don't dare peak out, which is good.

I'd like to see a stronger visual effect with more blurring.

A chance to fumble a reload while suppressed would be awesome. The chorus of "trained soldiers never fumble reloads!" would be deafening.

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When every insurgent/militia member is a Navy SEAL with over 300 confirmed kills.

Being suppressed absolutely should increase reload time and be more intense.

Suppression visual effect is fine as is. Suppression sway needs to be dialed back. Random sway isn't fun - it's annoying. Dial back sway. Increase vertical recoil.

Suppression slowing down reload is not conducive to a competitive game either. It would be frustrating. Maybe in a coop milsim it would be cool.

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@MAA_Bunny "A chance", really? I dislike part of this suggestion. Introducing more RNG elements into an fps game that wants to be competitive isn't a good idea. The negative impact on suppressed targets would have to be something that is finite, fixed and reproducible. Suppression could still affect your reload speed, perhaps some kind of reload speed reduction but only if the non-suppressed reload speeds were faster than it is currently.

If suppression were to affect your reload speed, the reload animations when suppressed would reflect it also. The reload animation could have a few 'fumbling when trying to insert the mag' frames in the animation (kinda like what you said, but no chance involved).

(The suppressed reload time could be the same time it currently takes to normally reload (tap 'R'), then decrease the non-suppressed reload speeds (make faster) so in comparison there is a difference without actually further lowering the lowest extreme reload time)

Yes please, increase suppression effects by a lot would also reduce the “my ttk is too high waa waa” issues.

@jarple said in Supression:

Introducing more RNG elements into an fps game that wants to be competitive isn't a good idea.

That's a fair point. I don't play competitive at all, so that sort of thing doesn't occur to me.

@jarple said in Supression:

Introducing more RNG elements into an fps game that wants to be competitive isn't a good idea.

This is surface level thinking, ever consider why youre suppressed? Someone is aware of your position and is able to throw more shots at you than you them. Positioning plays a big role in slower games like this (as opposed to other competitive shooters like CSGO or seige), I dont consider suppression an RNG mechanic at all. The players skill can either compensate for said suppression and return it, get a killshot or recognise that theyre in a bad spot and not do that. Theres more to the game than just lining up each shot perfectly or memorizing a spray pattern and in a realistic scenario, being rushed to push out a shot because youre being shot at is going to affect everyone differently and its all situational and circumstantial, this could be the RNG youre trying to claim it is but maybe you shouldnt be put in that position in the first place.

edit: I typed all this out and misread what you were talking about. Woops.
Im going to leave my paragraph here and answer with “yes rng reload fumbles are bad”.

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