Loving the game so far, and this might sound unimportant, but I really want to see my character in game once in a while. With all the hard earned credits I put into making my guy look snazzy, it would be nice to see him in game instead of only in the main menu.

So I think it would be cool to add kill-cams and make silencers not show a kill-cam. As of now it seems like the silencers are pretty useless and overpriced. Plus it will discourage camping unless you're willing to pay the 3 equipment points to hide your shame.

Kill cams are practically a necessity anyways these days to catch aimbotters and hackers. It's far easier to tell if someone is cheating if you can see through their eyes.

The dead would have to not be able to communicate with the team through voice chat as well as text chat too though.

@thehappybub They already can't. The dead cannot type or speak to the living (unless they're cheesing Discord)... so unless they got an INSTANT respawn, the information would be stale by the time they get to use it.

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Ayt then cool, fully support a kill cam, especially in competitive.

@thehappybub in competitive people can talk/write while dead and the remaining players can read/hear it. Thank god.

I would be fine with no kill-cams in competitive, although then you run into the problem of silencers being useless for that mode only.

But honestly it shouldn't be a big deal to most players even if their position is called out immediately after they kill someone. The maps are so big and busy (compared to cs:go) that it's often pretty difficult to make a specific call-out. And most of the time I know where I got shot from anyway even without a kill-cam. But if others feel differently, then hey-o, slap on a silencer and be sneaky by all means.

Also wanted to add, if you're worried about snipers and MGs being nerfed by kill-cams, remember that all your victim is really going to see is you scoped in on their face, which most of the time is not going to be enough information for someone to pinpoint your location. So there would be a slight nerf to camping, but it wouldn't be a huge change in the meta, especially if silencers hide kill-cams.

@weenie-bot It's plenty of information to be honest. Once you know the maps it'll be a pinpoint of someone's position.

@thehappybub said in Kill-Cam:

It's plenty of information to be honest. Once you know the maps it'll be a pinpoint of someone's position

Well, even if you had a team full of people who knew the maps and made every call-out when relevant, I still think kill-cams would do more good than bad. People camping spawns. People camping the same corner the entire game. Snipers camping a mile away the whole game only to get a few kills. Those people would be hurt the most.

Don't get me wrong, I love finding that perfect position and racking up kills because the other team can't figure it out, but I'm willing to sacrifice some of that power to see my character in game, make movement more powerful, and eliminate a lot of those "WTF!!!" moments that happen when you die a confusing and seemingly unfair death.

Also, with the silencer thing, those sneaky tactics become even more powerful because you're getting the benefit of your own teams kill-cam call-outs without being called out yourself. You just have to specialize into it by equipping a silencer.

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No. You can watch replays from the main menu if you want to see your character.