Firstly, heck yeah great game, superb immersion, good gameplay, enjoyable concept, great job really. And here's a quick list of issues i noticed and remember:

-Screen goes black when pressing enter (except to send messages) or leaving game, only comes back by turning the monitor off and on.
-Sorta clipping through building exterior sides(walls/floor), glitchy with leaning.
-All ''self'' sounds disapear entirely while other sounds remain.
-Losing all control of the game if disconnecting an inactive controller from the computer while in-match.
-Ping ? Bot killing you from impossible spot and then actually arrive and shoot you.
-Performance ? common spike of lag when facing a near oponent.
-Guns often clearly visible through walls XD.
-Paranoia/unsure ? bot respawns sometimes questionnable ( behind us ) and player respawn sometimes right on bots.