Need Performance Optimization


I love this game but there is a Problem. I need to Play the Game actually on 720p (1680x1050) with mixed settings of Medium and Low to get almost Stable 60 FPS. I got an i7 6700 with an GTX 960 4GB and 8 Gigs of RAM. And no its not the Hardware because Games like BF V are no Problem on 1080p High Settings.

Same here 🙂 love it .
Major performance boost after the patch but still it seems like it needs some more attention.When I ads and when people are shooting at me and the miss debris left and right FPS seems to go down ! :|
I7-6700 @4.00Ghz / 16Gb Ram @ 2133Mhz / GTX 1080 / BenQ @ 144 hz / SSD / I played around with ingame settings (fullscreen - windowed , low scope setings , texture med low high etc..) but I always seem to go back to ALL LOW ! to gget some decent performance.

Thank you

Me and my friends have the same issue with this game. This game should focus on the optimization with lower and high end PC's. If they can get the optimization perfect for everyone. Everyone would be happy. Honestly, I'm a huge Insurgency fan and always will be even tho I'm some what bad at the game.