I'm actually salty enough to go outta my way to actually make a freakin post about this. I'm tired of being in matches when some A hole wants to spam the mic with utter bs or annoying ass soundboards. Earlier I got stuck in a match with stuck up hood rat running her mouth being a salty snob. And I literally just left a match where this dude (XNXX) TONY MONTANA literally spammed babies crying all match. And the worst part is nobody knows when other people are using the mic to talk there is no on screen notification for that like seriously wtf. how we gonna know whos talking and who we talking too. We end up having to hold tab and figure out who is who when they die. the whole time and whaddya know we couldn't them. Jackasses like them can piss off entire teams and nobody can do a goddamn thing about it. I just wanna see these options implemented in the next update that would make playing the game that much more enjoyable.