AP Bullets and Ambush

Does anyone know if Armour Piercing bullets will make it into the game because I would really love to see this happen. I haven’t seen or heard anything on the matter so I was wondering if anyone else has! Secondly I still want Ambush please make it happen I will keep posting about it as it is almost a must for me. Love this game but it won’t stand the test of time for me if Ambush does not become a thing. I could even deal with Elimination but preferably Ambush. Ambush is life! Please I beg of you!!!

No, regarding the AP ammunition although some weapons are automatically equipped with those types of cartridges.

Alex & Mikee specifically addressed this (once again) in the 9/20 Q&A stream. Instead of me giving you a rundown on what he said, here is a link to the stream. It's at the 29 minute mark which the below link should take you to:


@kean_1 Thanks I will take a look even though I will also take your word for it!

Also would like to add that his reply is different than some folks attitudes around here that they think everything is fine the way it is and for people to stop complaining about TTK. They are still looking to balance the lethality but simply focusing on other aspects (the armor) to achieve that.

I don't know about others but his explanation was encouraging to me. .....really worth the couple minutes or so to view.

I also can't stress enough how the devs value everyone's input. Those who wish to chastise others for expressing their concerns don't represent NWI nor share their thoughts about recurring topics, questions, etc.

....folks need to feel free to express themselves because NWI does listen and encourages their fans to do so.

@kean_1 Haha well that’s awesome if true! Are you a rep? 😂 If not they should be looking at ya for consideration haha! At the end of the day I really do enjoy this game it’s just ins:source was one of my all time favourite games and to this day I still hold a special place for it. So anyone could imagine how excited for sandstorm I was especially when I heard things like “the same insurgency you know and came to love” or how ever they worded it. I wasn’t all too surprised to see that the damage models might be tweaked a bit that being said I do have faith in these guys and truly hope that the appeal will be there for me personally to put hundreds of hours into this game just like I did for ins:source!

@planetcanada said in AP Bullets and Ambush:

@kean_1 Haha well that’s awesome if true! Are you a rep? 😂 If not they should be looking at ya for consideration haha!

Comes off that way, eh?

naw, just a console player that was excited to hear Ins was coming to PS4. It's been a long time since consoles have had anything this close to a milsim or rather a hardcore experience. The lethality is really important to me and I hope they get it right for console because there are really no opportunities for us to mod like you can with PC.

Maybe one day I'll get back into building gaming PCs again and I can start playing all those titles I've been missing.

@kean_1 Haha ya I completely get that for sure. I’m an Xbot but that’s precisely why my Xbox one X is sitting basically collecting dust! I couldn’t take the lack of quality hardcore shooters so I had to say screw it go back to pc and upgrade to a beast rig! I like my Xbox one X but my PC way more haha.