[feedback] Vehicles rushing to the objective in push at the start of the round just get rocketed by a defender who simply pushes up

What I'm seeing a few times in Push is that a defender will pick the demolition class and equip a rocket/rpg. Once the match starts he immediately runs as far as the restricted zone will let him and takes a shot at the technical that will inevitably be driving up the road, killing 4+ players. Once that's done he will retreat and play the game as normal.

I see this as cheap, but am also mindful that the driver choose to take that route instead of a longer flank.

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@slazenger I kind of feel like you solved your own dilemma? Lol I know exactly what you mean but at the same time I have seen several occasions of both sides of the spectrum. I have driven a vehicle successfully all the way to the enemies weapon cache in skirmish and hopped out to blow it up with C4 at the very beginning of the match just as many times as I have been rpg’ed trying to do so. As far as push it’s the same thing it’s give and take you could be successful just as you could get blown to bits have done both in that game mode as well. So it’s a bit of a gamble and you must decide wether or not to risk it. I have seen people successfully park the vehincle in a neutral position atop a hill and just pepper the objective with the mounted MG. Many options!

I always meant to try this but didn't get around to it: can you place an IED on a car? If so, could player 1 plant an IED on a car, player 2 drives it into the spawn of the other team, and tells player 1 when to detonate it? Wouldn't that make cars the ultimate troll-weapon?

@grotesqueshadow Haha haven’t tried this but I would imagine that the IED or C4 won’t stay on the car not sure though and with proper communication you could have passenger with IED in hands and ready to hop out toss and suicide 😂.