Is Sandstorm its own thing, or just Ins2 with better graphics?

From all the TTK debates and stuff going on in the forums it seems like there are two schools of thought here:

(1) Sandstorm should basically be exactly like Ins2, except now that its on a new engine it'll look better and have a few new features. It should play the same as Ins2.

(2) Sandstorm is its own game that introduces new mechanics and a different, more realistic gameplay feel than ins2, so therefore it should play differently and do things differently.

I came into Sandstorm with the second notion, and was actually kind of surprised that some people just wanted an Ins2 clone. Am I on the minority side of the opinion here?

Sandstorm on the unreal engine should be what Insurgency2014 could not be due to the limitations of the source engine.

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@thehappybub I'm #2, even though I have played INS2 and like it a lot.

It is what the Dev's and Vets want. New game with a less limiting engine, better graphics, new larger maps, a fire support system. New people that want a game like COD or battlefield need to bugger off this is an insurgency sequel.

@thehappybub said in Is Sandstorm its own thing, or just Ins2 with better graphics?:

more realistic gameplay feel than ins2,

What the fuck is this bull shit. I fucking give up. you are just baiting us please fucking stop.

The idea is that an insurgency sequel is going to be like the old game, with new features but the same heart in play. If you didn't like the old game, leave and stop trying to ruin the game for the people that have been waiting for a sequel for years now.

I wanted (1) with some quality of life improvements like loadout preset save slots, and I'm quite unhappy with how Sandstorm turned out gameplay-wise.

Also "realistic" is possibly the worst word to describe anything games-related. 9/10 time the better term to use is "immersive".

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You are wrong , there are three schools of thought here.

(1) I disagree with this.

(2) I disagree with this.

(3) Developers should remember what made Insurgency 2014 great but Developers should add new features.

If you take away fast TTK from Insurgency , what will make this game different from other Military Shooters ?
( Call of Duty , Tom Clancy's , Battlefield , Counter Strike , and etc. )

Insurgency 2014 was very unique because of the fast TTK.

A Military Shooter without uniqueness cannot survive because there are so many other competitors.

Sandstorm should keep the unique TTK from the previous title but Sandstorm should add new features such as =

  • Air support
  • Beginner friendly co-op
  • Competitive multiplayer for veterans
  • Drivable vehicles
  • Expansive maps
  • Fascinating character customization
  • Genuinely authentic audio design
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@nick-kim So what it is right now right?

In reply to @Zucchini's rather eloquent "What the fuck is this bull shit. I fucking give up. you are just baiting us please fucking stop." ...

Games could reflect reality more than other games. Perhaps the word immersive is more appropriate, but I consider based off of reality to mean more realistic. I don't see how its "fucking bullshit".

Weapon handling is more realistic ... go to a range if you can and fire some of these rifles. Some ranges allow automatic fire when attended by the range master. I'll tell you that it just feels the best of any fps I've played.

The pace of the game is more realistic. Players are grounded and move naturally. The momentum of firefights is more reflective of how a fire team would move, especially when clearing buildings. Slow is smooth and smooth is fast actually has some relevance now, which it didn't in ins2.

In my opinion ttk is more reflective of how armor actually stops bullets to the torso.

Explosions are more realistic and their force and physics is very well modelled. The devs have obviously played with some M67s or watched a bunch of real videos.

Suppression effect is more intense and debilitating and isn't just a joke anymore.

How does this not reflect an increase in realism?

@thehappybub I've shot a gun before (never auto they aren't allowed in my country, but I've yanked a trigger pretty fast in my time) and I'd agree recoil is good, as it was in insurgency 2. But 4 shots to kill with armor is not real, its fucking kevlar, no Gandalf you shell not pass except the 3rd to 4th shot because I'm feeling nice armor. Kevlar has no chance of stopping rifle bullets (from close range as soon as a 5.56 is subsonic it might as well be a .22 LR bullet). Otherwise the rest of the game is better.

@zucchini "Gandalf you shell not pass except the 3rd to 4th" lmao I see what you did there.

Still, type iii and iiia vests are not just kevlar, but have steel/polythylene plates in them (plate carrier). Kevlar, as you've pointed out would not stop rifle rounds. However, those plates will absolutely take a bunch of 7.62 rounds, basically unlimited 9mm. The only things that would go through it would be 5.56 rounds, AP rounds (like the MP7) and the higher caliber sniper rounds.

@thehappybub said in Is Sandstorm its own thing, or just Ins2 with better graphics?:

"Gandalf you shell not pass except the 3rd to 4th" lmao I see what you did there.

Thanks, I spent 10m sitting trying to think of a good joke XD

I think a low TKK insurgency with more features and better graphics is what everyone wants here. I play a shit ton of rainbow six siege, squad and Arma and the game shouldn't bother with realism or high TTK. At the current moment, the game visually reminds me somewhat of a battlefield 3 with insurgencys feeling and gameplay. I enjoy the current TTK, it makes sense for the most part and in engagements I barely notice. Sometimes weird things can happen like 2 shots on unarmoured opponents chest not killing. As someone in this thread said, this game should be what insurgency was
trying to do, but better looking and with its new unique added content.
Regardless if the community agrees with the baseline of the game they should allow thorough modding of the game like the original, let people make servers with their own settings and values for damage, they could do it like Chivalry did it and have the regular game and modded servers like comp mod 2.0