Speed up the reloads please

Comparing this game to something similar like Escape From Tarkov we can see that Sandstorms reloads are still very slow. Watch this https://youtu.be/XRRSjvhymDc?t=10m16s See how much faster that is comparing to Sandstorm? Escape From Tarkov is a very similar game and it's reloads are faster and we all know how slow paced that game is. Reloading in sandstorm is still too long, speed every reload up by 1 full second and see how it works out.

That other game's reload speed is far too quick and is unrealistic.

The actual time it takes to reload in Sandstorm is good. My problem is that the regular reload (not the quick reload) animation seems too slow because of the lax way the guy moves. It looks like the guy is taking his sweet time … his hands don't seem to move with a purpose (like they do during the speed reload).

@LucJocWhite in Escape from Tarkov the animation is good, but the time is too fast to be realistic because the speed at which the guy takes out the next mag from his carrier is waaay too fast.

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A well trained soldier can reload much faster than in this game!

@Shadoware except this game is about some rebels and some militia.

Any shooter can reload faster with some practice. You dont need to be Jerry Miculek to do so!

Escape from Tarkov is a completely different kind of game.

There's a RPG skill system that affects your reload speeds as well as a body-damage system that affects it as well. Players in Escape from Tarkov often have to refill their magazines one bullet at a time.

Have you ever played Escape from Tarkov? Comparing Insurgency to EFT is like comparing Skyrim to Dark Souls.

  • If you are killed in EFT and your equipment is not insured, it's GONE FOREVER. You're not getting it back.
  • If a player picks up your insured equipment, it's GONE FOREVER.
  • You must use the scroll wheel to control your movement speed. If you move slightly too fast on any kind of surface (thresholds may vary), you'll make a distinct noise and you'll have someone turn around and shoot you in the head.
  • Body armor isn't useless, but it also affects your turning speed.
  • There's TONs of different bullets for the same gun, and you have to learn what bullets work for which gun and what bullets you should avoid buying.

You won't have the same results putting EFT mechanics in Insurgency because EFT is like gambling. When you gamble, you get this rush that you won't get playing monopoly or some silly game, because you're actually winning/losing something. When you bring a customized rifle to a match you're risking losing it permanently. It's also very devastating when you get killed while carrying these expensive weapons.

That's why everyone plays so sneakily on factory and why players often refuse to play if they're a little tired.

So I wouldn't call EFT similar because of it's high risk aspect. Regarding reload times, they should be similar to the way they were in insurgency 2 back in 2015, imo as they would not have the same affect on player behavior in sandstorm.

@dafez A well trained soldier or an average joe can even reload faster than that IRL I don't see anything unrealistic about that.

Even I can do a faster reload than a speed reload in tarkov and insurgency with guns and airsoft guns.

Check this out, speed reloads are generally like this. Way faster than the speed reloads presented in-game.

Youtube Video

Maybe on the range. I wanna see that happen in combat. Tbh, now that I think about it, trying to reload while being suppressed should be even slower.

Speed reload exists for a reason (double tap R)

@ctbear1996 we all know that, he's just saying all the reloads are too slow still. I'm saying that I think they're fine, except that the normal animation needs to get polished.

Soldiers don't train for super fast reloads. They also carry magazines in a very different way than competition shooters who layout their gear specifically for speed. Military training emphasizes reloading from safety and using teamwork to cover reloading soldiers - this is why you call your reloads to your teammates.

Making YouTube videos on a one-way range is the best possible situation for reloading. In real life, in the field, it's not that fast. From my experience reloading from military gear under (simulated) fire, the speeds are spot on.

for the 30th time this afternoon, this is an insurgency sequel. The reloads in insurgency were slow and debilitating It meant you made sure you never ran out of ammo in a firefight and incurred being clever and discouraged just blasting you mag randomly. The reload has already increased lots from the original game anymore and it would not be realist anymore which is what insurgency vets love.

@thehappybub said in Speed up the reloads please:

@Shadoware except this game is about some rebels and some militia.

Lol, exactly. I'm so sick of people saying reloads should only take 5 milliseconds like every fucking soldier on the planet is some GOD level speed-shooter.

Actually, no. I changed my mind. Let's just have the entire player inventory of ammo magazines instantly teleport into the receiver when the player taps R, so that they can mindlessly hold down the trigger and never have any consequences or period of vulnerability due to their action-movie level of trigger-happyness.

While we're at it, let's get some action-movie level pistols into the game. You know...the kind that can somehow fit 50 rounds into a 7 round clip! What a great idea think of the fun firefights we'll have! So epic, my dudes!

Let's not forget shotguns tho! Can we get them to work like this in game?! That'll be GREAT for gameplay! /s

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Slow is Smooth, Smooth is Fast.
You fail more easily when you try to speed things up.
I guess in real life and death battle people don't want to miss any reload, so they prefer slow and steady reloads.
Youtube Video – [00:20..]

In Sandstorm the reload speed is a 'walking' reload speed(you can walk while reloading), which is supposed to be slower than a standing still reload speed.
For me, the normal reload(tactical reload) in Sandstorm is too fast.
Youtube Video

In game characters don't spend time on putting back old magazines and pulling out new magazines when doing normal reload(tactical reload).
The normal reload in Sandstorm actually looks like a speed reload in another style. And a normal reload is almost as fast as a speed reload.
-1 for making a game more tactical.
Youtube Video

You can long press 'R' to check the magazine/ammo count, but the mag/ammo count shows whenever you switch guns(faster and easier).
-1 for making a game more tactical.

Because of
1.ammo/mag count shows easily.
2.normal reload is almost as fast as speed reload.
, a players who is good at estimating how much ammo left in the magazine on his gun doesn't get much advantage, which makes this game more arcady/not kill based/mindless.
Knowing when to reload is a big thing in Insurgency2(source), but it's a childplay in Sandstorm.
-1 for making a game more tactical.

From what I see, devs wanted to put some tactical elements in their games, but they did it poorly. Sandstorm is more like a tacticool game for me.

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There is such a minor speed difference between speed reload and the normal reload that I'm mainly using the speed reload just to make sure I don't have near empty mags rather than trying to be quick about it

I think "Speed reloads" should be the faster perhaps.

I can reload faster in real life but I think slow reload promotes team play.

You must rely on your teammates to cover you because you are vulnerable while you are reloading.

If you can reload very fast , your teammates do not have to cover you while you are reloading.

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Time taken when retaining a part used magazine would require removal of old mag, opening an ammo pouch removing new mag, inserting new mag, replacing part used mag and re cocking the gun if the chamber was empty. All done reasonable carefully.

I feel the reload times are spot on and a tactical element of the game.

I think what most people who advocate for quicker reload is forgetting is that the faster you try to reload, the higher the risk that something goes wrong, like dropping the mag etc. At some point, you'll get a situation where you can reload reliably at e.g. 4 sec, 4 sec and 4 sec compared to sometimes making it 3 sec but fail twice and get 5 sec and 5 sec. Sure, you CAN do it at 3, but when going for 3 you are taking risks that more often than not ends up wasting time than saving time. Risks not worth taking.