Fix the Left-Arm Gesture Holding Long Guns from Loadout Menu (Please Change) [WITH ILLUSTRATED EXAMPLES!]

I am so annoyed to see the Left-Arm gesture looking so wrong every time when I am editing my loadouts.

I understand that the game's in BETA right now with lots of time needed to fix the majority of the glitches, bugs, graphics, and optimization, but at least fix the anatomy/gesture of the the soldier characters first. Having the correct anatomy can go a long way for good art direction for human characters.

Luckily, I know well enough of basic anatomy and drawing to visually show what would be a better gesture (Yes, I mostly traced, but I really want the bad anatomy to be fixed ASAP):



Looks like they just locked the hands in place, and have the arms rotate around them.

@amurka Yeah, seems like they didn't do a pose specifically for the loadout menu. The gesture looks forced since those arms don't bend that way naturally with the hand positioning like that.

Lmao they're wrists 🅱roke.