1080p or 1440p monitor?

did anyone do any testing for visual and frame rate comparison between a 1080p monitor and a 1440 monitor? would like to hear or better yet, see the results between the two. I play on a 1440p with Gsync at the moment but i have a 1080p benq 144 hz with 3-d vision technology a was going to try ,but thought i would ask around first. Thanks in advance for any reply.

The info is at the top

I have to update it though since the last update because performance is so much better. 80 - 105+ FPS (1440p).

@sirpenetrator Damn I’m only getting 60-100 FPS in push mode with my settings on auto(mostly high a few very high). I’m running a i-7 8700k with 16Gigs HyperX ram and Gtx1080. I am also using a 1080p 144hrtz 1ms monitor but it’s set at a 100hrtz because I don’t get the frames so wouldn’t make sense! Curious what graphic settings are you playing on?

@sirpenetrator yep that is what i get ....gtx 1080ti with i7 6700. nvidia control panel on quality and everything on high except shadows on low.

@sirpenetrator I also run my field of view at 80 because at 100 it stretches everything out to much and it is hard to pick up enemies at a distance.

@planetcanada as per monitor refresh rate i run it at the highest 165hz. Did a lot of research about refresh rate and as everything says to run it at its highest and just leave it there because refresh rate and frame rate are two totally different things. But if you run your refresh rate 60 and your frame rate is 100, your monitor will only show 60fps if that make any sense.

@burgrat That is true but it also works the other way around as well from my understanding which is that if your monitor is set at 144hz but your not getting 144fps your monitor is refreshing faster than the game and your not getting a true 144hz and can cause visual problems or something like that I believe? I could be wrong but that is my understanding so I set my monitor to 100 because I get anywhere from 60-120 frames for the most part playing sandstorm of course.

@planetcanada @BurgRat
I'll post my settings soon.
I don't have access to my PC right now.

1_1537561854687_settings 2.PNG 0_1537561854687_Settings 1.PNG

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I play ultra 1440p 144hz with 1.25 super sampling and got avg 100fps
And it looks great